Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Things ... Buds and Blossoms Edition

I absolutely love Spring!

I have been preparing for it since last fall by making list of flowers that I want to use, where to put them, sketching the rotation of our vegetable garden, and reading up on this and that.

I love watching things grow and getting my hands dirty.

It is definitely cheaper than therapy.

So here is what I have been watching for therapy lately!

Isn't it amazing how sticks in the winter turn into beautiful blossoms in spring or that you throw out strawberry tops, and you are surprised with strawberry plants the next season; begonias that are labeled as annuals make their presence year after year with their beauty, and how you thought you accidentally killed that plant, but it proves you wrong.

Nature is a gorgeous creature that brings the good, the bad, and the ugly, but mostly the good.

It allows you to learn from your mistakes and expand your horizons.

This is pure happiness for me, and it truly lifts my spirit!

May your weekend be full of beauty and happiness!


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  1. We are too much alike!! I have gotten tons of "therapy" this week weeding my flowerbeds, getting ready to plant new stuff, taking pictures of things as they bloom. I love it! Awesome pics of all your amazing flower, shurbs, trees and more.


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