Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend Highlights ... A Little Late

My good friend Stephenie informed that I needed to update the ol' blog. Please go and check her out!

Thanks, Stephenie!


Well, I was a Mississippi Girl this weekend and did all Mississippi things.

It all started when Ken went beaver hunting (PETA, please don't call.), and he killed something else

I got me a new piece of Mississippi Pottery with a Christmas Gift Card. I will have to show you later, because I refuse to take a picture at night.

Saturday night, we snuck over into Memphis to visit with some friends downtown at the Trolley Stop Market. Good food, good company, and good scenery. No pictures due to being in Tennessee.
Shh ...

We had a great HOT and LOUD Sunday at church.

Granted, I realized that it was cold outside, but the temperature inside made me wonder if the preacher was wanting us to "feel" what he was preaching.

It was LOUD during the special music due to the person running the sound booth. That would happen to be my father, and it made me question whether or not to take him down to the Sears and Roebuck for the free hearing test.

After being all HOT and LOUD, I did what any girl would do ...

Go home and take pictures out in the cold ...

Daddy would not go because he informed us that he had to cook ...

And it was GOOD!

Tootsie even enjoyed her Valentine's from her grandmother ...

And speaking of Valentine's, I will share ours on Friday.

Hope your weekend went well! I hope on my next trip home, I will get to visit with more people!!!


  1. Look at Toots eating her Valentine. Love that sweet girl. We told my dad the same thing this past weekend... he said no you just need to talk louder. LOL Glad y'all had a wonderful weekend!! And another weekend is almost here! =)

  2. Sounds like a great visit--minus being hot in church! I always freeze at church.


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