Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's 2012

What can I say about Valentine's Day?

Although our plans changed several times, it was probably the best I ever had as a married woman.

We were not getting each other gifts, but then I got a Chi straightener that apparently Ken had been planning to get me all along. So the madness began!

We normally do not go all out, but this year, I just wanted to be surprised. I wanted Ken to plan a date night for us. After much communication, we realized that we have a good problem with communication - we tell each other everything, therefore there are normally not any surprises. With all his might, Ken kept his secret and surprised me with a lovely night at a restaurant that we have been wanting to try.

I have officially decided that I like surprises.

For Ken, I got this lovely power tool

Instead of flowers, Ken got me some wonderful blueberry bushes! He knows my heart!

So here's to being surprised every once in a while!


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