Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Update Peek

So the kitchen updating process is SLOW. SLOW is actually spelled DIY which would be why it is SLOW.

There are cabinet doors everywhere "curing"

My great use of paint cans as drying racks ...

and open cabinets waiting on some kitchen jewelry to really shine. 

Motivation was in order to finish this project and inspire furture projects ...

Our new table saw, in which Ken has told me "Baby, I will build you whatever you want."

I thought I share in case I need future motivations on those building projects!

We will go next week to pick up the rest of the supplies!

I can't wait to finish this project and then share with you our next big project!


  1. Looking good girl!!! Yall remind me of Kevin and myself a few years back doing the same thing!!!

  2. Yeah, the man has the saw, but the woman holds the power ;) At least that is what I am told! :) <3


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