Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Drive By and Learning Photoshop

This drive by took place in our yard with the lovely Tootsie modeling ...

The picture is so far away mainly because she has gotten smart and constantly avoids the camera.

I have been playing in Photoshop a little, trying to learn my way around.

So I cropped the picture, and "popped art" this picture to get this ...

The things you can do!

I also learned to remove things without removing them in real life. This was done by clicking on Guided Edit and then Touch Up Scratches and Blemishes.

This little feature will feed my laziness of taking off labels!

Now granted it is not perfect, but I am excitedly learning new things!



  1. Sweet Tootsie girl!! She can never take a bad photo! =)

  2. So proud of you sister :) And the tootsie print should be made in limited quantities pawed by the subject.

  3. Haven, I love your Warhol-esque photo of Tootsie!

  4. Very cool!! That photoshop scares me. lol.


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