Friday, February 24, 2012

Rewards for Working Yourself to Death!

I believe after all of that cleaning and organizing, you must reward yourself.

How you reward yourself, is your own business.

I would love to drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme and pray that the "Hot, Hot" sign is on so I can delight myself in a donut, but due to a possible beach vacation, I think I better stick to something else.

So ...

On our recent trip to Birmingham, I went to the beloved Home Goods to find these lovely things for a mini master bedroom makeover ...

I consider the new linens as part of sprucing up. I love the fact that I can wash these, unlike our current quilt which is dry clean only.

Oh, you are asking about that lamp ...

The lamp greeted me at the door, and said that it was going home with me. I let it be, made my rounds, and came back to pick it up. It will shine in the bedroom. Literally.

So excited!

Now the decision is to wait until after my spring cleaning to reward myself or use it for motivation ...

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Looks cute! That pillow can come home with me! :0) P.S. I have missed you something awful this week....It's been so nice and Ashley and I have walked for the past four days..over two miles each day! This week is suppose to be cooler I hope she will still brave it so we can get our walk on...I mean we (you and I) walked in rain and I think even snow! Love you!!!


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