Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Highlights and Playing Catch Up

This weekend started off with a bang! On Friday morning I was in the hallway with my middle school students taking precautionary cover from a tornado. I was expected it later on, so I was a little nervous, especially when we were instructed to have the students get in position and cover their heads.
 It got scary, but we were safe.

Just like my dream of a tornado the night before. I dreamed I was at school, saw a tornado outside my window, and got everyone downstairs. The tornado turned and we were safe.

This is exactly what happened. There was damage to the high school, but otherwise, we were grateful.

Thank you to all of you that called or text. It was a close call, and then we got ready for round two.

I must tell you that we do have a storm shelter, but it is old and straight down in a hole. The only way to get in it is down a ladder. While we got ready for the second round of storms, we decided to go ahead and put our emergency box and some chairs in the hole. We also decided to run a drill of getting Tootsie in the hole with us.

She thought it was great fun watching us come and go out of the hole, but once it was her turn, she was not having it. Ken was standing on a small step ladder and grabbed Tootsie to take her down. I have never seen a dog throw her paws out so far to resist going down in the hole. I promise, there are drag marks outside of the hole from her resisting. Ha! Bless her heart, she almost smashed her daddy in the process.

Saturday morning, my parents surprised us with a quick trip to our house. They came to help us in the kitchen, and we are very thankful that they did. We then went on a whirl wind of eateries and visiting with family. It was great fun.

So, yes, we are still working on the kitchen, but I see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. A small one.

So far, though, I like what I see.

And guess what? We found some more storage ...

We took the faux drawers, and made real ones! These will go under my stove and hold my spices.

Ladies this is what happens when you get your husband a table saw.

and I love creating even more storage in our home!

What can I think of next?

Stay tuned for my Spring Wreath!



  1. Is that white with a tent of blue or green in it? I can't tell in the pic's. I love the handles! I love that my hubby is a handy man, too! I was so glad yall were safe Friday. I was a wreck at home by myself wishing I was at school with yall.

  2. SOOO glad y'all were safe. And yes, I make MB get in the closet with me when it's bad, and she hates it... so I can't imagine Toots getting in a "hole." LOL Can't wait to see the finished product!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks good Haven!! Glad you guys were safe at your school. My husband did watch an enormous one go over his school last April 27th and yes, he was outside. We "W" girls experienced tornadoes first hand back in the day!! :-)


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