Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Drive By

Well, I am practicing perfecting my photography skills, I thought it would be fun to share some "drive-by's" with you. So here it goes!

As I made my way home this weekend, the sky was a gorgeous blue with the most fluffiest clouds that I have seen in a while, especially in February!

I love taking backroads just for the scenery, so I could not resist doing a drive by shooting of the beautiful sky as well as other things along the way ...

I assure you, no one was hurt nor was there a lot of traffic involved in this drive-by-shooting of a fun Sunday ride. I may or may not have learned to drive on this particular day while looking through a camera lense. I would not recommend doing this on a busy road, however, if you must, it is probably best if the passenger is taking the pictures.

I also do not drive any faster than my Guardian Angel can fly. Or at least I hope so.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love that pretty white house! And the old building with the reflection of the blue sky on all the windows! Your photography skills are great!


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