Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative Cleaning

While Ken and I were still dating, the topic of who would do the cleaning came up. I figured it was now or never and quickly said that the cleaning would be split. I waited for his reply that would forever seal my destiny in the cleaning world. He said, "Sounds like a plan," and we forever lived happily ever after in cleaning bliss.

Well not all the time, but it does help divide housekeeping up. 

I cannot complain, Ken does a great job on the floors on a weekly basis. I think a man looks so good sweeping the floor. I am blessed, I know. 

So how do we do creative cleaning? 

1. Have Music:

As a young girl, I quickly realized that music helps a job go by quickly. I mean my memories involve a BeeGee's record and watching my mother dance around in her nightshirt as she cleaned, because who cleans in real clothes, right?

So set your favorite station on Pandora. I like to do this on my phone so that I can carry it from room to room as I clean. My current favorite session to jam out to - Adele - followed by Classic Rock, Lady A, and Michael Buble.

2. Play a Riveting Round of "Would You Rather?"

When there is a lot to get done and not a lot of time to do, I like to play "Would You Rather ..." and ask Ken whether he wants to clean the entire house or go to the grocery store or do laundry or clean dishes. This works for us when we can divide and conquer, and I normally come home from the grocery store to a clean house! 

3. Play the ol' "Tag You're It"

I don't know about your shower but ours can pretty dirty at times. So once every two weeks it needs a good scrub down with an SOS pad. The best way to play this game is to wait until your spouse gets in the shower and then throw a SOS pad and a solo cup over the top. Instruct your spouse to turn off the water and scrub until their little heart is content. Then ask them to put the SOS pad in the solo cup and pass it over so they can continue their shower. It works so much better to have someone else do it!
What creative cleaning strategies do you have?


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  1. Sounds like what we do around here! I like that SOS pad trick. Never done that... Music, comfy clothes/no bra sets the stage:) Ron and I play the would you rather game which usually means he picks the kitchen, and I do the laundry. Oh, and Ava loves to help me, so I have this little scrub brush that's just her size. I make her a bowl of soapy water, and she just works away in whatever room I'm in.


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