Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creative Organization ... Using hooks

I have often said that our house lacks storage so I am always on the lookout for extra storage. These cup hooks have really helped with that recently. I bought the largest size they had so that it would hold more, and this is what I have done with them:

Organize my pot lids on the top of the cabinets.

Ken did have to pre-drill a hole before screwing them in, but it was well worth the time. 

To hold my rings and bracelets in my closet:

I got tired of always looking for certain things, so I decided to organize my jewelry so I could quickly find what I needed.

Granted, I realize that this is not the prettiest picture, but our closets are small. Mine is jam packed and is hard to wedge myself in there.

I also use them to organize my scarfs. I don't have a picture. See statement above.

This is what I am planning on using them next.

I found a picture on Pinterest to share.

We are in the process of remodeling, so once that is over, we will drill away!

The possibilities are endless! 


  1. I love that idea!! I hate looking for the right lid for my pots when I am in the middle of dinner. Going to have to give that a try! Thanks Haven!

  2. I will picking up some of those this week! I am telling ya, no storage will make you be creative or crazy.
    I emailed you back last night.. just want to make sure you got it.
    Also, I accidentally deleted your blog comment because for some weird reason your comments get sent to my spam folder most of the time.
    p.s. I felt a little jealous at all those cute bracelets!


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