Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is just around the corner, and I need some motivation and a lot of it.

For me, in order to motivate myself into some spring cleaning, I read and look at all things related to cleaning and organizing.

So this week, I will share some Creative Cleaning and Organizing Tricks that I do to make cleaning fun from time to time.

I would love for you to share your spring cleaning schedules and how you make cleaning fun.

So to kick off this week, here are some motivational cleaning pins from my Pinterest board.

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  1. All I know is that our home gets worse before it gets better when I am on my spring cleaning spree! I actually started it the week after Christmas, and I'm still working on it!! I can't say enough how much I miss having a garage and an attic. Apartment life after house-owning life is an adjustment! It calls for some creativity. Love your blog:) :)


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