Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Got Mail ...

I am sure that if you are like me, you love getting mail. Ken and I about knock each other down to see who can get the mail first. It is a great day with you have personal mail or the beloved magazine admist all of those bills.

It is even better when you have a box propped up against your door with your name written in one of your best friends handwrittings.

A very good day indeed ...

I would have showed you the whole package, but at this point my curiosity was peaked. Like a child on Christmas morning, I ripped that box to pieces ...

To discover this ...

So when I realized that the bag was labeled from one of my favorite stores, I got really excited, especially when the outside of letter instructed me to open the bag first.

Didn't have to tell me twice.

Now, I must pause for just a split second so that you know, that this favorite store of mine has always been for creative browsing only. I have never bought anything for myself here, but just go and dream. I normally drag whoever is with me to go and dream as well. And they like it.

So when I saw this ...

I knew my best friend knows me quite well.

I mentioned earlier this week that yellow is my signature color, however, grey comes in a close second! How perfect are these two together, especially with that monogram! It will look so great in our guest bathroom!

Then I saw this, and just squealed with delight and wondered at the same time how she knew I was looking for dish towels with dishes for our new kitchen.

Because she is my friend, that's why.

I mean, look at the details ...

Sweet dishes ..

And ruffles ...

My favorite!

And the best part about this - it is so versatile that it goes with my Christmas decor as well!

My friend made my day! It is so nice to be thought of and then laden with gifts that she found for me down at one of my favorite perusing stores!

Thank you, Alyssa!

You are the best!



  1. Wait til you see pics of what she sent me :)

  2. That is an awesome best friend!!! I love when you know someone so well they don't have to say what they want for you to get the perfect gift!!! <3

  3. Too cute!! I've been MIA for a bit but, I am trying to come back to the blogger world. Good luck with the kitchen remodel. I know you are having fun! I've been having fun in our new little place and can't wait for Spring to drag put the flowers and such! Happy remodeling!! :-)


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