Monday, January 30, 2012

My Dissected Version of Southern Living's February Issue

I may or may not have mentioned that I am growing more and more in love with Southern Living magazine.

It is almost like they have read my mind and publish a whole magazine around my idea.

At least that is what I think.

So when this arrived, I just opened my mail from my friend, so I decided to do a little photo shoot. Bear with me, because I may or may not have over propped it. I am learning, my friends.


I am just going to say that is this magazine was food, I would savor every morsel.

Look at that cover! Who can resist banana pudding?

Spring Flowers are calling my name!

Key West was featured in their Travel section - somewhere Ken would like to vacation ...

This kitchen had me at the vintage lights! So beautiful!

This is the real reason that I was waiting to dive into it. BooMama spilled the beans on the Pimento Cheese section a day or two before I got mine.

I am currently trying to perfect a delicious pimento cheese. so this just help guide me along! Several yummy recipes in this section as well as several store bought suggestions.

Love the architecture, land, and ideas surrounding this house!

My daffadils have already started to come up! Can't wait!

And Hummingbird Pound Cake ...

My favorite section (other than the pimento cheese) is Rick Bragg's back cover story. This one is apparently on piddling and loafering, and the last two paragraphs remind me of Ken and me.

This issue was fabulous! I highly recommend it!

All opinions are mine. I am not being compensated by Southern Living. Just love this issue is all!



  1. I too loved this issue! I am planning to make the hummingbird cake soon and I read the story at the end out loud to Jonathon. The stories at the end are one of my favorite parts of the magazine!

  2. That hummingbird cake sounds yummy!! Vintage is an awesome word!


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