Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Door Decor

Wreaths or some kind of door decor always seems to be a must!

I have gone through many different things over the years, so I decided to be a little bit different this year for fall. I was craving some blues, greens, and browns to go with the orange this year.

So I dug in my stash and dug out several fabrics. That orange burlap was on the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. I had a hard time passing that up!

Wreath with Jute
Different Fabrics
Thumb tacks
Hot glue (be careful because you can burn the snot out of your figure. I speak from experience! :))

I hot glued the flowers on some felt with some pins. I wanted to make it removable so I can continue to spicy it up. I found that thumb tacks work great.


I made many rolled flowers, yo-yo flowers, and tattered flowers ...

I also made a small banner

Tattered flower

Yo-Yo flower

I think I am in love! I find myself opening the door just to look at it!

I will be sharing with you next week how I made all of those flowers (yo-yo's, tattered flowers, and twist and roll) with one of my famous "somewhat" tutorials!

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  1. Very crafty and adorable!! And you always make tutorials fun and easy to follow!! Have a fun, relaxing weekend with Ken and Toots!!

  2. Beautiful! I've been obsessed with jute/twine wrapped wreaths this fall! I can commiserate with the burns on fingertips per hot glue! I keep blisters! Love your blog! :)

  3. Wow! Love the festive fall touches!! They are awesome and the flowers you made are so pretty!


  4. Absolutely stunning fall wreath! The nicest one I've seen in blogland and in creative circles this fall!

  5. I'm behind on blog-reading. This wreath is so awesome! LOVE IT!! Brittany showed me this morning:)

  6. Um, yes! This is adorable!! I love all the different textures and colors you used! One of my faves for sure!

  7. Haven, your wreath is gorgeous and the flowers are amazing! Do you have a tutorial on your flowers? Amazing!
    I'd love it if you linked this up to my party that started on Tuesday at
    Hope to see you there. I followed you over from a Glimpse Inside. I'm a new follower.

  8. Never mind about the tutorial...I got so excited over learning how to do those flowers (yo-yo and tattered) that I missed the part about doing a tutorial next week! Yay!


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