Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Oh weekend - how I love you and trudge through the week just to see you again!

I live for my weekends, what can I say?

Friday night was much relief and very refreshing.

We finished up one of our pork dishes - we went all Bubba Gump on a boston butt over a period of 4 days and had barbecue, barbecue nachos, barbecue stuffed potatoes, and barbecue pizza.

On this particular night it was the barbecue stuffed potatoes, and we chased it with a trip to Sonic for some hot fudge sundaes.

I think my scale is stuck on a certain number and won't move. Wonder why?

Then we walked aimlessly around Lowe's for inspiration and daydreaming. Don't you just love Lowe's? The lighting section, the bent and dent section, and lets not forget the wrong color discounted paint section. Ken makes me walk very fast in that section.

After we got home, I did a little menu planning and trimmed on Ken's hair where his Cuts by Us stylist missed. I made sure he had his coupon when he went and then found myself cutting his hair on Friday night. What is wrong with this picture?

I didn't scalp him, thank goodness.

Saturday was more like labor day in that I challenged myself to get most of clothes from two closets into one. This mostly happened, but you reach a point that the next time your purge, you will throw out that favorite dress you wore five years ago.

I was very proud of the 3 bags of goodwill items and 1 trash bag. Most of the goodwill items where shoes, because apparently I am no longer in a size 9. They say your feet change after babies. Since that doesn't apply to me, I say my feet changed after marriage ...

Ken used his talented skills to construct new rods, shelves, and the occasionally, "Can you still wear that?" in which he received that stank eye.

And I know you all are anticipating our Saturday night dinner since I shared with you all these wonderful dishes that we have been creating, but I am afraid I am about to deflate you.

We had Lunchables. Yes, Lunchables.

It was quick and easy and required little effort of getting off the couch.
That's what happens when you draw straws to see who is going to get creative with dinner. Ken won.

Sunday morning was cool enough to sit outside and sip coffee while reading the paper that Tootsie retrieved for me. I cooked breakfast watching Sunday Morning, and relaxed as I got ready for church.

After a good lunch and a lazy afternoon, "Operation Get Ready for the Week" kicked in with the laying out of the clothes, lunches, and "must have coffee in the morning."

So long weekend!

I am so looking forward to the four day weekend!

Happy Day!


  1. That sounds like fun! I love the lunchables. I can't tell you the last time that I had one! Just think--if we can get through this week, we can have a 3 day weekend next weekend!! WAHOO

  2. It never fails, when Terry gets home from getting a hair cut — I always have to trim it up. I think he sits at an angle or something. But, until he goes to my girl... I guess I'll continue to fix it! You'll have to share that boston butt recipe — I don't think anyone around is selling any right now, but when they do we always buy one to eat on.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  3. I have two lunchables in my refrigerator right now! We will eat them for dinner tomorrow at small group :)


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