Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday, Daddy!

(You will have to forgive my pictures of this weekend. Long weeks = not the best pictures, at least for now.)

Friday night started with a bang when I did not get home from school until 5, and we had to go Adamsville, TN on our way to Mississippi to baby sister’s car from the repair shop. I was highly disappointed that I could not stop by Buford Pusser’s house and museum because it was too late and that Mary Winkler did not come out and wave as I went through Selmer, TN. Oh the things you can see on long, twisted roads in the dark.

Saturday was spent cooking, cooking, and more cooking preparing for my Daddy’s 50th birthday party.

Fun coke bottle glasses that Daddy received ...

It was quite the smashing success with the food, music, slide show, Mama’s cupcakes, and trivia. I really enjoyed hearing all the stories of my father growing up. It is amazing what he had not shared with us! I am sure that laughter was heard for many miles.

Thank you to those that came to help us celebrate!
To see all of my parents’ friends, it was simply heart touching!

Sunday was a very special day for both Ken and me. Our fathers were both ordained as deacons. I really enjoyed hearing the message that God loves us despite our imperfections. I know that I am thankful daily for His love and forgiveness.

The ordination service was very moving and made my heart feel very full. Ken and I are very blessed to be a part of this.

You know what they say about deacon’s children … so what does that say about us?

By the way, Ken and I went to see the Help on Tuesday, and IT WAS FABULOUS! You need to not only see it, but read the book. It is good for your health. Trust me!
Also, Southern Living this month interviewed Kathryn Sockett, the author! So Fun!

I will have my first day with my students tomorrow at school, so wish me luck!

Happy Day!


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  1. Ahhh — so much fun celebrating milestone birthdays with family. My parents both turn 60 in the next month. (Mom this Sunday and Dad in three weeks.) The pictures of the party look like everyone had a great time. And I'm so proud of your dad's!! My dad is a deacon, so there you go with your question. LOL


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