Friday, July 1, 2011

Using Manual

Last fall, Ken decided he was going to buy himself a big toy. We have a rule at our house that when one gets something big then the other gets something big. It helps balance things out as well as thinking twice about wanting everything. We know it will be double whatever the cost. It also helps that both of us will have something new to play with. This is what I got.

And since then, I have been trying to learn to use it. I started in automatic, then learned that most pictures are best without the flash. I spent a lot of time in automatic with no flash. Briefly in AV, and I am now playing with manual. I like what I am seeing. The Pioneer Woman has lots of advice on this along with Middle Sister whose patience with all my questions is certainly a virtue.
Here are some that I took last week, that I amazed even myself. I did do a little touch up in Picasa because it is free and pretty easy, but one day I hope to try out some Photoshop.

Still have a lot to work on, especially taking pictures of Tootsie. Lately, she normally will not let me take her picture, but on this particular night, she was feeling frisky. I had to act fast and wasn't able to really play with my settings. She's a smart one!

What I have learned, for those interested, is:

  • That the ISO needs to be lower outside and higher inside.
  • The Shutter speed is lower the more light you want to let in and higher for less light
  • I am still figuring out the F stop or apeture and am ususally keeping mine between 4 and 5
  • I try to take pictures in the front of my house during the morning and the back of my house in the early evening. Light is a very important thing from what I am learning!

I may have gotten that all mixed up and know I am not using the correct vocabulary. This is just want I am doing right now as I continue to play and read.
I just want to learn to take better pictures for us! I do not intend to become a professional by any means. I am just enjoying the challenge, and I want to encourage you to do the same!  
What are some tips that you can give when using your camera?



  1. Ok, in that last picture of Tootsie! There is a fabulous black and wicker stool. Where did you get it? Oh and fabulous job on the pictures :)

  2. I love the next to last picture of sweet Tootsie!!! My "big" camera is an olympus. I've had it for 5 years and it's still my favorite. However, this new camera T got me for my birthday is smaller (Canon PowerShot SX30 IS), but just like my "big" one and zooms to 800!!! You can go manual and adjust shutter speeds, etc. yet it focuses automatically. I've only had it for a couple of days, but I'm excited to play and shoot all weekend long!

  3. Cute dog! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog..I thought I was already a follower to many blogs due to misleading Google info...but alas, I was not. I fixed a follower now!


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