Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing on the Blog

I am sure that you all are wondering when I will quit playing around with our blog? Well, for this week now, I think I am finished.

I am very fascinated with learning how to make my own backgrounds, headers, signatures, and even those buttons on my navigation bar. They are currently working with the exception of our home. I have linked it, however, but I will probably have a tour of our home soon so that I can take better pictures of our rooms.  

How did you do this you ask?

I used Picnik, Photobucket, and tutorials galore! Sneaky Mama's Blog has great tutorials for creating your blog based on ability level and category. She also recommended The Creative Girl to complete the navigation bar. I am Momma, Hear Me Roar has a great tutorial on blog headers using Picnik. That was the tutorial that got me hooked. I love Picnik and continue to find and figure out all kinds of things that I can do with it!

This was not an easy process at first. I have spent countless hours figuring all of this out. I also created a practice blog, but decided instead just to jump to it and do it on my blog. I did back  up my blog just in case it left. It didn't.

Also, if you sign into your blog, click on design/template design. Here you can change your colors, font, layout, and choose different backgrounds or upload your own.

There is an edit pages under posting where you can create your own navigation tabs. I haven't really played around with this since I made my buttons, but this may be really easy.

So if you like a good challenge and you want to know more about creating your own cute blog, then go for it!


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  1. Isn't it fun to be creative to make something YOUR own. Blogs are a reflection of who you are and I think you have nailed this one! Great job!


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