Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have worked on a few projects here and there this summer ...

I saw this canvas on the Pleated Poppy and thought I would give it a whirl one night when Ken was working way late. It took about 2 hours to do this small canvas, but all the time was worth it!

I had some left over fabric from my pillows and made some mini banners to put on a canvas ...

I also have already changed out the mirror over our entry table ...

This was my childhood mirror off of my dresser ...

It has dangerous curves just like me, and I love the chippy paint!

It is just perfect here!

I am still trying to figure out what to do here ... Ah! Another project!

I went to the library recently, and have been reading books on entertaining, managing a house, cooking, and of course Hoda!
 Which by the way, if you adore Kathie Lee and Hoda like I do, Hoda's book is fabulous! For you Mississippians, she got her start in Greenville! How cool is that?

Putting on the Grits is a good read too if you like southern entertaining ...

and I can't wait to get down to the sewing books! I want to learn more about making some ruffles!

Hope your Wednesday is going great! I will tell you next week about what I am up to today, but stay tuned for another project on Friday!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love the mirror! Im wanting to learn more sewing stuff too, I can do the just the basics. A ruffle & a Jon-Jon are on my list!

  2. I noticed that mirror yesterday in your 'morning' post and thought something was different. Love that mirror-- great shape & perfectly chippy:). Good job on your projects!


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