Friday, July 8, 2011

My Colors are ...

are not blush and bashful but rather yellow, white, gray, blue, and green or at least I am trying to combine these for our living room. I started with just making some pillows to add a little color.

These pillows are with the envelope back, and are really not that hard to make. Believe me! I like the envelope back because I can change out the pillow covers very easily.

The pillow forms are actually pillows that I got at Dirt Cheap for $1, and I got the fabric from awhile back.

I love how they turned out!



  1. Very pretty. Love that color combo!! I love crafty stuff, but anything to do with sewing scares me. Maybe you'll inspire me to give it a try...:) Love ya!

  2. Good Morning America had on a few weeks ago that if you want to do a little something to add some sparkle and color to your living room, buy/make pillows. It's an inexpensive fix and can make a couch go from "walmart" to "couture." And those pillows are definitely couture!!!


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