Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Trees

Sometimes, people don't want to know about their family trees. I, however, was never given that option, but enjoy hearing the stories, seeing pictures, and learning the history of my family. Betty Love is excellant at sharing this!

In high school, I had to do this family tree project, and of course, my sweet grandmother helped me with this. I have always wanted to frame this project, but never got around to it. When I recently pulled it out, I saw that it was yellowed and faded. I decided to recreate it since I had a frame to put it in this time!

The Line Up:

12x36 poster frame
Freezer Paper
3 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper
Double Sided Tape

Since the frame is 12x36 inches, I used 3 sheets of scrapbook paper that I attaced to the poster frame insert with doublesided tape. Next, I cut, to the best of my ability, my freezer paper and drew the lines of the tree using a ruler. I then put all the family information on the lines. Popped it in the frame and then had Ken hang it in the hall. He hangs pictures so much better than I do. Less holes.

Very easy and an instant conversation starter!


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