Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studying ...


Growing up, Mama did not allow us to use the word hate. She said that it was a strong word. Well this strong word makes me smile when I balance it with a light bottle glass of moscato wine after studying all day! It is all part of the chemical equation of studying all day and how it reacts with my nerves. The product is a good nights sleep in order to cope with another day of studying.

I don't think that will be on the test, but if only it was!

I have made it through the entire world of physical science in 2.5 days and will try to do the same with life science! I would rather be living life science rather than readying about it!

Oh what I dream of next week! Cleaning, cooking, crafting, visiting friends who have been neglected due to this lovely moscato filled science test that will be over around 11:30 Saturday morning!

What will happen around 11:31 on Saturday? A boat trip and dinner at Top of the River in Guntersville! Oh to feel the sun on my pale skin!

The only good thing about being trapped in this room is that Ken is waiting on me hand and foot - trying to teach me about the basics of electricity until my eyes glaze over, cooking great meals, and entertaining me with his mad music selections and dance moves! He is a doll and, I don't know what I would do without him!

Tootsie, on the other hand is so confused why everyone is at home but no will take her outside to play. Not that she wants you to play with her. She is too busy scouting chipmunks. She just wants someone out there!

That is where I want to be as well, but until then I will be sitting here, studying life, dreaming of all I want to do once I can live life again, and calming my nerves one bottle glass at a time!

During my mental breaks, I will be updating you this week of my vegetables, flowers, and a new member of the household! Until then ...


  1. Oh bless you dear!! You have that "W" girl blood still flowing through your veins and you will pull it out without a hitch. Remember those social club days?! You did it then and you can CERTAINLY do it now. I just got off of a website with Praxis I and II tests and just attempted the Praxis I practice test. I feel so dumb. I need a book. Maybe I need to go back to high school. I am embarking on this journey as well. I haven't really advertised it but, it is something that I have been fighting off and on for quite some times and feel that it is time to just do it. If it is meant to be, it will all work out. There is no telling where Zach and I will end up one day with him aspiring to be a head football coach sooner than later and I need something to fall back on. It's not easy and that is for sure!! Here is a link from the Dept of Ed that may help you. They have both Praxis I and II practice tests and is a free.

  2. You will do great Saturday and I know you'll enjoy that break at 11:31!! Enjoy the boat and the sun... we head out tomorrow to feel the sand between our toes and soak up some sun!!


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