Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Bedroom

This happens to be the second favorite room of mine. The dark and light mixtures along with bright pops of blue and green, greets my guest when they stay in our home. My sweet mama made the curtains, and I used those to decorate the rest of the room. 

This idea came from my friend, Lea Ann, and I original made it for my office at work. Basically, I painted the  canvases blue and then laid over these cute cutouts. I went over the project with brown spray paint. 

The bedroom suite belonged to my grandparents. The purchased it when they got married in the 30's. The curves of the mirror and trim on the dresser really dresses it up. The wisteria lamp is one of my first Tiffany lamps that I received in high school. I always turn it on for guests before they go to bed. It has such a nice glow. The rest of the pretty pieces are of some Mississippi Pottery and a few pictures. 

The bed is from the same suite as the dresser. I dressed it with white bedding with buttons and aqua pillows all from Target. Lea Ann and I made the pillows one summer. 

This chair was originally blue and belonged to the same grandparents that gave me the bedroom suite. They were upholsterers and made it for me because all I could talk about when I was little was the blue chair to go in my blue room. I got it recovered a few years ago to match my bedroom. Unfortunately, it did not match this bedroom, so I covered it with a chenille blanket and added another pillow that I made. 

The art work over this chest of drawers are from my snazzy great grandmother. I simply added fabric to frames and then added her jewelry. 

She had such great taste in costume jewelry. I don't know where I get that from. 

This piece was a work in progress for a few weeks. You can find the tutorial here

In college, my father gave me some cabinet doors. There are so many things that you can do with cabinet doors. My friends and I went to a local stained glass place where they sold their scraps and made these. We had several pieces hanging in an art gallery, and a few of them even sold. I thought one of these would be fun hanging over the bed. 


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