Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Flowers bring out the best in me. Recently, I have been experimenting with seeds.
 Last fall I saved all these zinnia heads because my Aunt Dovie told me too. She said that in the spring, you should plant the heads and then zinnias will come up. She forgot to tell me to crush the heads as I put them in the ground, but I figured that out on my own.

Steps for seeds

1. Let them dry over winter

2. Crush the heads in the dirt mid-April or you can de-seed them before planting

3. Enjoy watching them grow!

My sweet mother-in-law said that I could do the same with marigolds, but I could not wait to let them dry this fall. So, I decided to let them dry for a day and then plunk them in the ground! We will see if they come up in a few weeks!

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