Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Future Projects ... Kitchen

It always seems that there is a never ending list of projects at our house. I often feel that I just hop from one project to the next.

Well, here is the NEXT that I am planning ....

The Kitchen. Our blessed kitchen. I have space, storage, and good, quality cabinets. I just don't like the cabinet color. So glossy oak. (This was when we were getting new floors)

I was thinking that about trying this

Source Needed

I can't decide on the color though. My floors are light ...

and I love my floors, so do I go dark or go light for the cabinet color?

These are my current favorites ...

Source Needed

And here are all the choices ...
Source Needed
I would love to use this as my backsplash

Source Needed
And some thing like this for my counters:

I like this hardware ...

Source Needed

Source Needed

I also want to take down the light over the sink and put up this

Source Needed
want to add beadboard to the ceiling to look like this ...
Source Needed

We are debating putting up this type of trim on top of the cabinets to make the room taller.

Southern Living
Better Homes and Gardens

And doors ...

Source Needed

Well, I think I have pretty much covered everything but the ...

Source Needed
kitchen sink.

I love this farmhouse sink!

Whats a girl to do with all these ideas swirling in her head?

Have her bloggy friends help her!

Any ideas are welcome!


  1. Your kitchen is going to look awesome! Love those ideas! Have you thought about doing a really dark cabinet on the bottom and do the light one on top? I think that's a good look sometimes..:)

  2. OH, and I LOVE bead board ceilings!!!

  3. The best part is — you can make it look however you want!! I love the farmhouse sink, but it's not that practical. Although, it makes for a great conversational piece. I love the look of antiqued cabinets. My mom is about to redo their kitchen and we have been looking into having that look for her kitchen. I think I almost have her convinced. Can't wait to see all the before and afters!!! AND good luck! =)


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