Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Highlights

On Friday, I went and got my hair did and got a great wax. I like getting my hair done, but I LOVE getting my eyebrows waxed. It makes me feel like a new woman.

Then Ken and I went to the movies and saw, Source Code.
The first hour I wanted to go find another movie, but Ken was loving it. I had to remind myself that I have dragged Ken to several movies that most husbands would refuse to go to,  such as Sex and the City 2. (He told me not to tell anyone that he went with me, so don't tell him that I told you.) The last 30 minutes of Source Code was a lot better.

We also tried out Quizno's Chicken Bacon Dipper and it was scrumptious. How could you go wrong when you serve it with rotel?

Saturday, Tootsie let me sleep in to 6:40 and I thanked her for it. I let Ken sleep while I worked on some crafts for yet another shower!

This is my new computer. I had to get a new one because as Ken put it, "She watered her flowers and also watered her computer but the computer did not like it."

I accidently left it on the counter after watering my house plants, and did not realize that the water had overflowed. Good thing my old computer was already on the blink. I will defintely be more careful this time around!

Any hoo ...

Because Ken slept in that also meant that he had to cook these...

This makes me appreciate Queen's Fat Bottom Girls because these pancakes are so good!

So after eating these, a much needed walk was in order as well as some yard work. I always enjoy seeing the new things that are growing in my yard. These include:



See the ants? They are suppose to be there. I tried killing them several times last year, but they always came back. They have a job to do.

I also worked on my strength training digging up the root of this old tree ...

I think that we have decided to let someone with a front end loader finish this or I will be working on this root for the rest of the summer! I want to put a Japanese Maple here, so it is well worth it!

Sunday was a glorious day! We went to church where they went a little "old school" and sang old hymns with new tunes. The first being, "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder." It reminded me of sitting next to my grandfather growing up and hearing him sing. It brought a big smile to my face, but tears to my eyes.

Next we sang, "I'll Fly Away," and this made me want to get back with my band for some pickin' and some grinnin'

(I was in a washboard band in college! What fun we had!)

The rest of the day was spent with our cousins in Alabama where we sat on their porch swapping stories and swatting wasps with the fly swatter!

Looking forward to this week because next week is SPRING BREAK for me!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Glad y'all had a wonderful weekend!! And I always love going to my granny's church in the back woods because I know we are always gonna sing, "When We All Get To Heaven" and you just can't have church without that song! =) Can't wait to see more of your flowers. My gerbers are in full bloom!! Now if the day lillies will show their colors! Have a wonderful week!!


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