Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Tablescape

I love decorating for Christmas, but my favorite it taking it all down and seeing how clean and fresh your house is. It is like starting over from scratch and creating a brand new house for the new year. I love changing things up and moving them around.

This is my dining room. One of my favorite rooms in the house! I love using my Mississippi pottery to help bright up the winter days!

Every southern girl needs some antlers in the dining room!



  1. I love my Peter's Pottery, too. Seems like there is always someone in my family giving me a different piece every year for Christmas. I had never thought about collecting it, but I'm glad they started me on it. And, I now have all of my pieces signed by Peter himself. He comes to an advertiser of mine twice a year and signs new pieces but told me to bring all of mine and he would sign it! It's amazing how no one piece is really alike. Hope your having a great week! Stay warm.

  2. Beautiful tablescape! That pottery is gorgeous and I really like those rustic little bunnies.

  3. Haven, your pottery is beautiful and so is your home. I feel the same way -- We always move a lot of furniture and decor around for Christmas, and when the tree and ornaments are all packed away, we get a free crack at redecorating. I love it!


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