Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Permanent House Guests

Meet my permanent house guests.

If you are a Mississippi girl, you know there are two types of pottery. McCarty's and Peter's. When Ken and I were engaged, I had to make sure he knew the difference. He is a quick little learner. He can spot the difference a mile away. McCarty's for the most part, has the Mississippi River in the piece some where and is signed. Peter's to me has a little more texture to it. I have both, and love to mix and match it. Being born in the Delta, I also love taking the trip back to the Delta to collect pieces or just browse.

McCarty's, in Merigold, MS, makes me nervous in that it is in a small shack. I just have to share my favorite story about going to McCarty's. A few of my friends plus one of their husbands made the trip one day. McCarty's is so small that even if you whisper, everyone can hear you. One of my friends got her lines crossed, but she kept talking about how expensive the Bacardi pottery was. She even asked the one of the worker's where the Bacardi clearance section was. Once I could catch my breath from laughing I had to tell her is was not the drink, but McCarty. Bless her heart, she thought we were talking Bacardi pottery this whole time. It was probably our Southern accent.

We went on to Peter's Pottery in Mount Bayou, MS. Thank goodness, she pronounced this right! It is a lot more spacious, and you can see a lot more. You should read the history about Peter's Pottery or come and hear my mother tell it. It is hilarious when she talks about it. I will give you the short version. Peter Woods use to work for McCarty and then decided, with his brothers, to create his own pottery.

In my opinion, there is no other better or prettier pottery than what we have in Mississippi. There is so much history behind them. There are so many houses that are stocked with these beautiful works of art. I love that we got several pieces of different types of Mississippi pottery when we got married. They are permanent house guests, that I often look at it and smile. I also remember the sweet people that gave it to me. My dear sweet Smith cousins gave me a couple of pieces and wrote on the card, "Always remember your Mississippi Roots." It really stuck with me. I love Alabama, but there is absolutely no place like Mississippi, which I like to call home.

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  1. Mom loves giving that gift!!! She's so silly but I love when I got those white boxes from her because I know there is a McCarty surprise inside! Love you and Miss you!!!!


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