Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weekend Highlights

Everything was beautiful this weekend – the weather, family, food, friends, and the way my heart felt on Sunday.

We traveled to Mississippi this weekend where on our way down, we entertained ourselves singing to some Classic Rock, some Modern Country, and old school songs like Gin and Juice and Gangster’s Paradise. There are some songs that make you smile, bring you back to a certain time in your life, and just allows those memories to roll around you like a warm and cozy blanket.

On Saturday, we started out showing my grandmother how to attach pictures and files to emails. Middle sister had to do most of the explaining. I just sat back and reflected on how there were three generations of women in the room sharing secrets and showing new ways to do things. I also saw myself where my mother was and her where my grandmother was. It just made me smile and reflect on how beautiful life really is.

There was also visiting and just enjoying each other with some yummy, yummy food at Michael's Country Cooking! Fried Green Tomato BLT is just the best with a side of spinach artichoke dip and salad with wine and cheese dressing! Too bad that I don't live closer to this scrumptious deliciousness!

We also had a large day picking out some gifts to shower my cousin later on this spring!

Saturday night included eating great burgers, cleaning out our old bathroom, and going through the current Mississippi Magazine with all the brides. While we were doing this, Daddy and Ken were helping the overpopulation of beavers and armadillos. Pictures will not be included on this post.

Sunday, Sunday! What can I say about this day!

I started the day talking a walk with Mama and the dogs. I miss my walks with my mother, because they are always so good not only for health reasons, but for soul reasons as well!

After a very fulfilling breakfast, cooked by my sweet daddy, we went to church. I know that I often speak very highly of Temperance Hill Baptist Church, but I am telling you, my heart swells so big when I walk through those doors. The people there have such a sweet spirit and love you know matter what! Once we got settled in our pew (we are always late!), the preacher announced that the second offering would be for Middle sister for her trip to Africa. I don't know if there was a dry eye on our pew or not. It was just a sweet, sweet gesture that it so humbling and makes me love this small, precious church even more. Next, Ken's dad sang a special and played his guitar. I was afraid my heart would burst due to having so many wonderful moments of life happening in front of me. Like I said before, it was beautiful!

I love Sunday lunch around the table with my family! It just makes my heart smile. My sweet grandmother and grandfather came and had lunch with us. We spent lunch reminiscing and begging Mama to take down our senior pictures off the wall. All I can say is that we get better with age.

Later on, I received some very valuable advice and tips from three generations of marksmen on how to use my early Valentine's gift. All I can say is that Ken and I have love made out of steel!

We just did not want the day to end at all so we went and visited with Ken's grandparents. What a sweet and precious visit that was! His grandmother gave me a gardening book because she totally understands that I am just itching to see my flowers awake from their winter's nap.

I often feel that I have lived my whole life to get to this moment. To see life and how beautiful it is and how many mountains and valleys we had to travel to get here. I love my husband and my family more each day. All I see is GOD and His wonderful blessings in our life, and how happy that makes my heart! I can only hope that life gets even sweeter, and that I can always remember the lyrics to Gangster's Paradise! Ha!

Hope your week is full of great moments of life, whether good or bad, because in the end ,everything always works out the way it should be!


  1. Money and the power,hour after hour--OK I am over it. HA. Thanks for putting that tune in my head. As I settle in for bed and lay my head on my pillow...I am going to be singing this in my head! Don't you just love days like this. I love to gather around with my family and laugh until you hurt and eat until you hurt even worse. ha. Get your video camera out and film these moments. You'll be glad you did. We pulled out a "Hunter Christmas" home video at Christmas from 1988 and watched it at our 2010 "Hunter Christmas" party and we laughed again from back in the day. Some are still with us and some are gone. But, it was like for that moment they were with us and it took us back for sure. It was a blessing to have that. I got a digital video camera for Christmas and will definitely be putting it to good use when we get together with the fam!!

  2. So glad my sister and I aren't the only ones that pour over the Wedding issue of MS Magazine. That can entertain us for hours!


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