Monday, June 21, 2010

Our 10 Year High School Reunion

It has come and gone, just like high school. Our 10 year high school reunion was so simple and laid back. It was so nice catching up with people and seeing where life has taken the Class of 2000 from the little town of Potts Camp, MS. I was very proud that two of our quieter students had become Marines. I enjoyed meeting their wives and visiting with them. It was also nice to see classmates with their spouses and children.

At lunch time, we had a family picnic at Wall Doxey State Park. It felt very nostalgic going there. When we were in elementary school, it seemed like every year they would pack up the school and go there for a field trip. I can remember playing on the playground, sack lunches, walking around the lake, and exploring ditches. I look back know and shutter to think that there was probably snakes in those ditches. That is also the reason that I did not walk around the lake this time. I wanted to so badly, because that was always something that I enjoyed, but I pray every summer, "Dear Lord, please don't let me see any snakes." He is pretty good about making sure that does not happen. I also worked the gatehouse their for three years.
Good times.

Any way, the picnic was very nice. We went through KFC, got some strip meals, and then placed them in our picnic basket. That is how we roll, and it was very good. Classmates' children were every where playing. One poor child got hooked by a fishing line, another almost stepped on a snake (thank goodness I was not with him), and I saw several playing with bubbles. It was nice to be able to sit and visit under the shade in 100 plus degree weather while others where having to take their children to the playground. Maybe one day this will happen. Hopefully by then the South will have just 75 degree summers. Ha!

Dinner that night was great. We had probably 15 or so people out of 40 of our class representing. It was nice to hear how our prophecies did not turn out quite true, that we had grown up a little, and that you can only be your thinnest in high school. (Although, some looked the exact same.) I had the privilege of sitting with my good friend Lindsay and her husband as well as our English teacher. She was the only teacher that came. My feelings that I had when she sent me to the principal's office for having a short skirt on were completely gone, and I enjoyed laughing at her quick, dry humor. I would also hate to have her critique my blog posts. I am sure there would be plenty to rewrite!

Here are some pictures:

The Boys:

The Girls:

The Group:

I also enjoyed watching my friend Cynthia hopping tables asking questions and reminding people of things they did in high school. She says that for our 20th reunion, we should go to San Antonio. I sure hope that she has that mansion by then so we can all stay with her!

So, it is 2:30 a.m. Neither one of us can sleep. I, because I have this blog post rolling around in my head, and Ken, is mumbling something about his blue tooth range is not as good as he wants it on his new ipod touch. What funny conversations we often wake up and have!

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  1. I had a blast hanging out with you and Ken again! I just love y'all. I hope Ken wasn't too upset with us teasing him about college. He really did make that a fun year for us! :) I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary! Can't wait to catch up again soon!


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