Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vegetables of Our Labor

Goodness! I am sure that is what you are thinking! Yes, we are under 30 and proud owners of a vegetable garden. We will seek help later, but for now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor. Yes, Ken and I are very proud of our vegetable garden. We check on its progress daily. Ken built the raised bed and went and got dirt for it. I now know the difference between screened and unscreened dirt. Screened is when there are no extra things in the dirt. All you get it good pure dirt. Unscreened is when you find bricks mixed in the dirt, and throw them over the fence to get them out of your way. Can you figure out which is cheaper and which we went with? Good thing we are also proud owners of a compost pile.

Once Ken dumped the first load of dirt, I shoveled compost in the middle and tried to mix it in a little. Ken brought the second load, threw more bricks across the fence, and we mixed all the dirt and compost together. Next, we used some Jungle Growth Vegetable and Flower dirt to plant Our Buy One Get One Free Vegetable Plants from Lowes in.

The best part about this garden is that we are not using our water to keep it watered. My fabulous handy husband has a pump that pumps water from the creek behind our house to water our vegetable garden. Talk about being green at the Daniels!

So far, we have tomato plants, zucchini, squash, okra, and giant sunflowers. We can’t wait to enjoy eating the vegetables of our labor – fried green tomatoes, fried squash, fried okra … you get the picture. Healthy, huh?

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