Monday, May 10, 2010

Digging at Dirt Cheap: The Three Hour Tour!

1. You must go with people who like to dig for bargains. (I went with my fabulous mother-in-law and my creative sister)

2. You must have your own basket, because you will find a lot of stuff. You also need something to hold your purse so that you can dig for those bargains!

3. If you only find one, but need another, put it in the basket anyway. Show people along the way and continue digging. You will eventually find it! (We found 1 of these. Went back and found another!)

4. If time permits, go back and look again. I got several cotton napkins for $.05. Yes that is right! FIVE CENTS! Okay, I will take 60! I got some craft projects spinning in my head.

5. Enjoy yourself!

6. Laugh at the people who stare at your basket.

7. Go through your basket and take out what you don’t really need. (Keep those that you don’t really need right now, but maybe later!)

8. Continue digging!

9. Do a cartwheel when you find a Target chair at 80% off! (This was my bargain of the day! I was so excited! I carried it around with me. Almost put it back. My sister and mother in law talked me out of it. I decided to be brave and face the hubby - um, honey we needed another chair for our dinner party tonight, don’t you think? Well, he liked it enough to put it together for me. We really did need another chair! Talk about coincidence!)

(Love that profile!)
10. Plan on going back soon!

11. I must have an 11th one. It is a favorite number of mine! Post all of you pictures so that your friends will come and visit because they want to dig too!

Shabby Chic Kids Banner - $1.00

Target Pillow Case - $.25

Dwell Studios Round Table Cloth - $1.00 (Don’t tell my husband, but we don’t own a round table, but I could use this for something else.)

Napkins - $.05

Chair Covers $1.00

Chair - 80% off original price! $130 to $26!!! It is still on Target's website.

We had so much fun, and we really did spend 3 hours there! Nearly every thing that I got can be found at Target! I can't wait to go back!



  1. I am so coming this weekend! Ok, not really, but I wish!

  2. Next time text me....I need some of all of that!!!!

  3. OMG!!! I wannna go there!!!! =)


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