Monday, May 17, 2010

A Tease, Inspiration, and Growth

My amazing husband found these beauties for me. According to him, he when he saw them, he had to bring them home for me. He carried them a little less than a mile in the hot blaring sun. Probably barefoot. Just kidding! He knew that I would absolutely love them and make them pretty! I can't wait to share the updated version and how I plan to use them.

I also got my Dirt Cheap fix this weekend. Ken was with me, therefore - so little time, so little digging. Their prices were back up. What I paid $1.00 for last week was $8.00 now. I have decided that I need to go before they get a big shipment in.

We have been talking about slipcovers lately. I have been questioning what I was thinking about when I got a red couch! We priced slipcovers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was more than willing to wait. I did dig enough at Dirt Cheap to find a matching set - one for the wingback chair and one for the couch! I got both for about $30.00! I am using this as inspiration for our living room. I have lots of plans for this room, and was excited to start with this. I am still working on them trying to get them straight. I may even see my sewing machine in the future! I am so ready for summer break!

 At last, but not least, how does your garden grow. I love, love, love, watching my garden grow in case you haven't noticed. Here is what I am watching now.


Okra on the left. Sunflowers on the right.

Tomatoes, squash, and zucchini!

Bring on the vegetables and summer!

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