Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend!

As you know we hosted Mother's Day Weekend, and it was wonderful! We had the best time! Ken's dad had been here since Wednesday night, and his mom and my sister Brook came in on Friday. We went to Cracker Barrel to eat! Let's just say those biscuits did not stay long on the platter! So Yummy! We also participated in a riveted conversation about how you roll your toilet paper. The majority was over. We had one that liked it on the floor and one that was in favor of under. Ken and I are so both over people!

On Saturday, my mother in law, Brook, and myself decided to shop and we went to Dirt Cheap. All I can say is WOW! We had such a good time digging finding deals, and deals we did find! I will share more on that later. My parents and baby sister hosted a shower for a friend on Saturday morning, so they got there (minus my baby sister. She missed a good time!) that afternoon.

Saturday night, I am sure the neighbors was like "What is going on at the Daniels's house!" We had so much fun! I am sure they have never seen the cars or that many lights on at our house! We had one of my mother's fun cousins that live near us, a great-great aunt (who is in her 60's, looks half her age, and is a lot of fun), Ken's family, and my family. You all know I am all about menu's so here it is:

I wished I had taken a picture of all the wonderful food! We also had lemon merigue pie, and it was great! I told Ken later on that it was so wonderful to have our house filled with laughter. I found it funny that the men sat in the dining room, and the women in the breakfast room. Both rooms sounded like they were enjoying the company! It was really good to host such wonderful people! Thank you all for coming and having such a great time.

Sunday morning, we had a Mother's Day brunch. Although, Brook took pictures of everything, I will show you a little that I did. The brunch was so good. I really enjoyed having everyone around our table. Daddy always says that he loves having all of us around their table! That was one of the things that always stands out in my mind when we have our families.

Their Mother's Day presents, that they really liked! I posted about what it was here.

Ken said that we were really using our serving dishes this weekend! I loved it! It was also nice to have more people there to help take off those stickers on wedding gifts that you use! I loved have we sat around the table after we ate and took stickers off all that pretty stuff! I love the phrase, "A good time was had by all!" I truly believe that is very fitting for this weekend! We hope next year to get Betty Love involved!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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