Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gift

You were probably wondering what I was doing with all that fabric and ribbon! Well, other than having a little fun and being creative, I made some necklaces for my sweet mother and wonderful mother-in-law for Mother's Day! I got the idea for the washer necklace here. She is so talented, and I know that I still need a lot of practice. Next time I make these, I would like to play with some bigger washers and maybe use more solid colors. She also has a wonderful tutorial on making the flower pins here. Here are my spin off of her designs.

I just love blogging and finding new projects to try! It is so addicting! Hope you have a great Mother's Day Weekend! Hug your mother if you have one still here with you! If you don't, remember the sweet memories that you have with her! Mothers are wonderful gifts from GOD!  

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  1. Too cute can't wait to get mine! Wink cough wink~


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