Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shrubs of Our Labor

So, you thought we were done with just the flowers! We decided to go ahead and take out all of the old shrub, dig what roots we could out (I never want to do that again. That is time I will never get back), and put in some pretty shrubs that will compliment our house. Poor Ken, he just goes along, and I greatly appreciate it! He can runs a mean post hold digger. Here is the before:

And the after (please excuse the soaker hose!)

We bought the smaller plants, but most will grow pretty fast. Here is what we got:

Begonias (these are annuals)

Hostas that we planted last year.

Pencil Holly Tree


Lorepetalum (My favorite!)


Indian Hawthornes

I cannot wait to see everything in is full glory! I have really enjoyed watering my flowers and shrubs in the morning. I love to see what is blooming! Some things have literally popped up over night. Here is what is blooming right now.


I have enjoyed sharing with you all! I know you are probably tired of looking at all these flowers, but I can't help myself! Have a wonderful day!

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