Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Sparking Diamond

I shared here about our diamond in the rough. Now its been ...



And Painted

Here is our Diamond!

I just love it! I am also in love with the color. It is Notre Dame by Valspar. I had to get a gallon just in case I need to paint anything else. I have my eye on a few pieces in our house. Ken just may come home with me in the driveway, painting away getting paint not only on the project but in my hair, face, hands … you get the picture. He is such a gentleman, if he were to roll his eyes when he drove up, he would do it when I wasn’t looking!

Even Tootsie wanted to sport some paint ...

Our cabinet isn't perfect by any means. I still need to touch up a little, but I love it. I can now show all my pretty dishes that have been in our family. I can see myself constantly moving things around and just playing in it. If you can't tell, I love dishes. They always fit!
This cabinet is a reflection of me. It represents such fond memories I had of the W as well as the many friends that I made there. Like the W, it is filled with beautiful things and has such a wonderful heritage. There are also many scars and small holes on the sides. I chose not to fill these in, because we often have bad things that happen, but just makes us all the more beautiful because of the experience. Thank you so much for going on the journey with me!

By the way, for you W girls, just about the whole time I was working on thi,s all I could sing was was the alma mater. I especially enjoyed the Mississippi State Boys part!

I could not have done this without my very talented and handy husband Ken! Thank you, darling! You are the best!
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  1. This looks so great! Yall did a great job. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~andrea

  2. I'm in love with that too! If you ever get tired of it...:)

  3. Gorgeous job! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work in the DIY Project Parade!




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