Sunday, April 25, 2010

Living Room

Here are pictures of our living room. I haven't shown this room before, because we are still working on this room. I have plans of painting this summer probably Earthy Cane by Valspar like the rest of the house. So we will see! Enjoy your tour!

Our living room was orginally a single car garage. When Ken bought the house, one of the previous owners converted it into a den. These are our stairs leading down from the kitchen into the den.

This is what you see when you first walk in.

Frames from our wedding and pictures during our engagement!

 Ken found this cute antique phone, and I just had to find a place for it! I like it next to his insulators that he collected as well as my father's drafting kit when he was in college.

I love this quote.

Our bookcase. My OCD kicks in here. On the top, I have history books on the Kennedys and Eleanor Roosevelt, Mississippi authors and books on Mississippi, and my precious Alabama authors. Second shelf, childhood favorites, and then on the last shelf, children's books and high school annuals. 


Tootsie's hangout. She likes to look out the window. These are cushions on top of my hope chest that my daddy made me. He also made the bookcase.

I have a little to do this summer, and I am looking forward to it. So many ideas running through my head!

Hope you enjoyed your tour! Have a wonderful day!

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