Monday, March 22, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

So once upon a time, a beautiful cabinet was taken off the wall, put in storage, and was very sad. Then, it was moved outside to eventually get enough men to pick it up and through it in the dumpster; however, a creative girl saw the beautiful cabinet and wanted to rescue it, but seeing that it was about 8 feet long, 100 or more pounds, and was at least 60 years old, she knew she could not do it alone. So, being the smart woman she was, found four boys that would load it for her and unload it. She was very happy, and others were very jealous that she got it and mad that their boyfriends had loaded for her. See, the beautiful cabinet had been sitting in the middle of a parking lot beckoning anyone from the three dorms that surrounded it to come and get it. One did that didn't even live in those dorms but one on the other side of the campus. And the girl and her cabinet had to wait 6 years, fight off many naysayers, live through a chainsaw and separation, a small propane fire, a lovely facial that included heat and a microderm abrasion, new stylish legs, and a lot of paint to live happily ever after.

Cutting in two. One end was needed a lot of work. The bottom had rottened and the top would need a whole new one, so I just saved the pretty doors! Sorry couldn't get a picture, Ken and I had to hold the cabinet steady! Daddy did the cutting. Thank goodness I have a father that knows cabinets, and a husband that will bear with me and my obsession with antiques that may not be in the best of shape.

My new best friend! I loved this!

I can't wait to paint and distress. I hope some of the blue and the brown come through.

So between my father and Ken, they thought that using the blow torch would be so much faster. It really was, and I was impressed enough to take this picture. Thank goodness I did, because ...

I literally saw my hair and face flash before my eyes! Poor mama was napping in the truck waiting on her antique stripper to take effect. She quickly woke up to me screaming and Ken moving his truck so that it would not blow up! We just had to let it burn! That was the first fire of the day! The second fire about burned all the grass up to the house! It is never a dull moment in Mississippi that is for sure!

This cabinet is definetly a diamond in the rough! I wanted to show you a little sneak peak! I cannot wait to show you the end result. I had so much fun working on her (it is a her because she will display all of my beautiful dishes), and making her pretty! I learned to use a heat gun and a scraper to get the old paint off and used a sander for the first time. I also got my first dusting! Ken just thought I had put on a lot of make-up, but soon realized that it was just dust and dirt from sanding. So needless to say, had the 2nd shower of the day. Hopefully will have the rest finished this weekend!

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