Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flowers of Our Labor

What a beautiful weekend that we were blessed with! Saturday was just wonderful. We got a lot accomplished around the house. I organized my craft supplies into the bins in the laundry room, took the boat out, and planted flowers as well as plan other upcoming projects. So, meet all of our new flowers that will make our home beautiful!

Oh joy!

I love how the dogwood trees look like they are dancing with twirly white shirts. So pretty. The second one is our neighbors! ;)

Geraniums, Gardenia Bush, and my favorite Zinnias! These are one side of our backdoor.

The other side of the door.

Sorry about the shadow! I can't wait for our flowers to get even bigger!

Smaller pots lining the patio. Petunas, coleus, verbena, and hens and chicks!

Love hanging baskets! They add so much to the patio. On the left, zinnias, and on the right, coleus, verbena, and petuna. I hope the verbena and petuna spill over on the sides. So pretty!

Side flower bed. This will be my "cutting flowers" bed. Irises, daylilies, peonies, daffadils, and more daylilies.

Other side of the "flower cutting" bed. Everything previously listed plus jasmine and glads.

Front bed. Hostas for right now, but we will plant lorepetalum, nandinas, juniper, and a holly pencil tree. We got everything but the lorepetalum this weekend. Everyone was out. So frustrating! However, I guess we had enough of other projects to work on.

Front door. Petunias and zinnias! Of course!

Petunias, coleus, and verbena. See a pattern here?


Irises, Azaleas, and Daylilies

And we can't wait to spend many nights out here ...

and enjoy the flowers of our labor!

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