Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Splitting Ways

This is what my pants seem to be doing these days. After the second pair split, I decided I probably needed to do something because I have to have pants on. I would probably scare people if I didn't. I scare myself sometimes as it is. I seem to be like a bear and just hibernate in winter. It is almost like I eat, thinking that I need to store up some fat in order to stay warm. I always gain weight in winter. I blame Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, I had at least 7 Christmas parties to attend. That happens when you get married. I just got small samples of everything, but probably went back for more small samples. Well, I think it went all to my thighs and various other places. I guess I should have been like that old commercial with the lady walking around with cinnamon rolls on her behind - just go ahead and put the food where it is really going!

You see I LOVE TO EAT! I think about it all the time, and could probably eat all the time, too. I have the three basic meals plus a snack in between. I am trying to make better choices. These days my favorite snacks seem to Laughing Cow Light Cheese and whole grain crackers, Fiber One bar, or some type of fruit. I cook with more whole grains, eat turkey sausage which I love, and just try to eat more fruits and vegetables. I also have been working out on the Wii Fit Plus in addition to my daily walking. I get up a little early and 2-3 times a week, I work out on the Wii. I love it! I rotate one day of yoga and strength training and then one day of aerobic. Ken also walks with me in the evenings so it is very nice. He went for a health check on Tuesday, and was so excited to share tips with me. One was walking 2 miles in 30 minutes. Tonight my friends, we accomplished it! It was a doozy, but well worth it. Since I started all of this last Monday, I am happy to tell that I have lost 4 pounds! Such motivation!

I don't have to be thin. I just want to be healthy, toned, and feel better about the way I look. So, now that I have two pairs of pants that just completely eliminated themselves from my wardrobe, I am so thankful that I can wear skirts. I feel even more thankful that skirt sizes run a little big. I can avoid trying to rubberband my pants now or walk down the hall and feel a draft.

P.S. Although all this is true, I am just writing a fluff piece. I am really wanting on my sister, the photographer to email me our Easter pictures. Being that she is not an avid reader of our blog, I will probably still be waiting on her until she reads this. It may be a week or a month. She will have forgotten that I text her just last night to email pictures. She is a very busy lady with teaching 5th grade, tutoring, and her photography pictures. You would think though, that she would email me pictures when I needed them because she would remember that I always cooked her a hot breakfast, cooked dinner most nights, and even washed her clothes when she was living with me. Sisters, I tell you!

Oh by the way, if you see my husband in his glasses, tell him that he looks so good looking. He is having to wear them for two weeks before he goes to his LASIK consultation. I think he looks like Clark Kent, but he thinks otherwise.

Hopefully, I will have some project pictures to post. I am halfway in between several projects, and I am so ready to finish them!

Have a wonderful night! Thanks for reading all my ramblings about being a woman! I just know that in order to enjoy eating, I will have to exercise to maintain. I think I could handle that!


  1. I have walked every morning this week. Thought a lot about you and old tootsie girl!

  2. That is awesome Amber! I miss you and our morning walks!


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