Monday, March 15, 2010

A Georgia Peach

So this weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my good friend Laura, who is a peach of a friend! There is always laughter with her! It was a great weekend where I got to not only help her decorate her house, but got to visit with some great friends - Lea Ann, Alyssa, and Chris. We had so much fun, stayed up entirely too late (4 a.m.), and had lots of great food. A good time was had by all! I will only show you some glimpses, because she is still working on her house. It is just beautiful. We focused mainly on the downstairs. She loves the shabby chic look, so that is what we were going for.

Her beautiful home!

Before and Afters

I think that we need to put a moss ball or a that cute little birdie on the dark candlestick.

Wrapping paper from Target

And our favorite project:

The workshop

Other beautiful things that Laura has done:

 Vintage Lines! Oh so pretty!

Fun painting by her mother

Cute sign leading to the butler's pantry! Yes, I said butler's panty! Love it!

Dining Room

A future project: Hanging her grandmother's dishes on the dining room wall.

Foyer: A beautiful Jim Sudduth print.

So the next time I am there, I will fit this in my car!

And this ...

And I might as well take this too. Ken can just hitchhike! Just kidding, darling!

I hope to go back to and see what all she has done! Thanks, Laura, for allowing crazy people in your house that wanted to do crazy things with your furniture! We had a lot of fun!


  1. That looks great! I love the pic in the garage and how it looks like Alyssa is telling everyone what to do!


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