Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Bedroom

We wanted our bedroom to be a very relaxing place for us. Ken already had the room painted a beautiful gray color. When we were registering for our wedding, we tried to pick out things that would match with the room. My grandparents and uncle bought us the quilt and shams from Target. We just love quilts! They are so warm and cozy!

 Our bedroom is a reflection of both of us. Ken has a nice oak chest of drawers and a bench. The bed is one my father built when I was a junior in high school. He is so talented! The bed is beautiful! It is made from oak. The side rails are left over from my parents staircase and the posts are made from trees in Potts Camp! I just love it!

I made the curtains out of burlap and of course my lovely heat and hem tape. Ken and I also made the curtain rods out of dowel rods and brackets from Lowes'. My sweet mother gave us the rings. We had to buy and spray paint the clips for them. I love our beautiful curtains! I also brought a dresser with me.

Baskets that we got at Hobby Lobby for $1-2!
I love this plate! I don't remember where I got, but it has always hung in my bedroom. The picture frame was a wedding gift from the minister that married us and his wife.

A beautiful basket for our clothes that my wonderful mother-in-law got us! We needed a new one that went with the room a little better! Ken had a green tub that he had since college. When I first mentioned that we needed a new one, he told me that his mother got him the tub in college and it has always worked for him! He said that he would throw his clothes in tub, snap the lid on, and throw it in the back of his truck to wash when he got home. So now his mother got him a new clothes hamper! It is definitley an upgrade for the green plastic tub! Thank you, Mrs. Judy! Its perfect!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. The fan looks identical to the one in our living room! Great job on decorating.

  2. I want more details on the curtain making. I am want something simple just like that!! My bedroom has turned into the shabby chic room and I have bold red curtains in there now and I want lighten it up a bit and ivory/off white is my goal. I love the clips!! details...details...:) You are so crafty girl!! I am trying to get there!! haha


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