Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirty Day at the Daniels

The sunshine was so nice and so much appreciated at the Daniels's house today. We started off with a wonderful walk with our Tootsie Girl. Ken cooked breakfast for his mom and me, and we enjoyed visiting with his parents this morning. After they left, we worked in the yard where, after raking, I found these beautiful babies growing.

I absolutely love watching plants grow! I cannot wait to see what all comes back or just surprises us! I love working in the yard! Weeding is pure stress relief! Whenever I am feeling a little tense, I just go and work in the yard. I feel so much better after that.

Ken worked on all the cutting of the Crete Myrtles and the muscadine vines. We hope to have a better crop this fall. I want to learn how to make jelly!

I have been dying to show you all this. Yes, we are under 30 and are proud owners of a compost pile. We are planning on having a garden this summer. Hopefully, this will really help our vegetables grow. I am ready to learn to can some tomatoes and put up fresh vegetables for winter. I am also looking forward to wearing a hat similar to the one Ouiser wore in Steel Magnolias.

Lastly, we began working on these.

I won't share quite yet what they are for, but we are adding to a remodeling job that we did.

We are so ready for Spring!

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