Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Ready to Roll Up My Sleeves and get My Hands Dirty ...

Like most people, I am ready for Spring. I have been drawing out our flowerbeds and seeing what I can add to them. I am very anxious to see what is sprouting up in our side flower bed. You see when I moved in those beautiful flowerbeds had not been touch in almost a decade from previous owners. I believe the original owner was a lover of flowers. We can tell by what we see around us. There were mixes of irises, daylilies, glads, and other flowers. I spent a few days trying to move and make order out of all the beds. We also worked on the front of the house. I convinced Ken to go and buy a chain to hook up to the truck to remove those dreadful sticker bushes from the front. We had the best time doing that. Ken removed a lot of things to make our lot look a little better. These are a few flowers that I have as well as what I would like to see in our yard.

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Red Geranium

I think geraniums in planters look so classy! I have many pots that would look fantastic with these!


I think I will plant some gardenia bushes by the back door, so that our guest will enjoy their fragrance when they come into our home.


I don't think your a true southerner unless you have some azalea bushes and a couple of crete myrtles. I love how the azaleas bloom in the spring and the summer.

Crepe Myrtle

Photo: Ralph Anderson

Zinnias are my absolute favorite flower! I love them and plan on planting some tall ones in front of our storage building as well as in our planters and wherever else I think they need to go. Such hardy plants! I will probably have some planted in our vegetable garden for a good oldfashion look!


We have a lot of daylilies lining in front of our fences. I love daylilies and hope to add to my collections!

Photo: Joseph De Sciose, John O'Hagan, Allen Rokach

I have hostas planted in the front flower beds as well as around a tree in the back yard. Such a pretty accent

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I have a lot of irises in our yard! I have grown to appreciate them!


I love peonies! They remind me of my grandmother Hale. Every time she moved, she would take her beloved peonies with her. I even had them in my bridal bouquet! They are so pretty and elegant! I have four planted and hope they come back this year!



Purple Cane

I want to add some lavendar bushes around our patio! I think they will look so pretty with our yellow lantana as well as smell so fresh!

New Guinea Impatiens

I plan to plant more orange colored impatients in our front flower planter! They looked so pretty until about Decemeber last year, when they finally died. They start out so dainty, but grow up so big and beautiful!

I also plan to add a few ferns! I have never had much luck with them, so we will see!

Eventually, we will finish landscaping the front of our house. I see some lorepetalum, indian hawthornes, and nandinas in our future for this!

Hope this inspired you as much as it did me! I am so ready to dig in the dirt and plant some beautiful flowers! Enjoy your day!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your flowers!! You need to help me! I enjoy gardening...just get overwhelmed by it! :)

  2. Haven!! I had no idea you had a blog!! That's how far behind I am at being nosey! Ha! You are so talented! I have enjoyed reading all of you posts! Btw, most of those flowers are my favorites! I feel like I have pots everywhere with something different in them b/c I love flowers!! :). I'm glad I found you!!


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