Friday, February 19, 2010

Inspiration for Blogging

I was inspired to blog after constantly reading those Little Sisters blogs (Brooke and Brittany)! Brooke is a good friend of mine and when I lived in Mississippi, I loved going to her house because she always rearranged something to a new place. I always found something in a new place and it always looked great! She also let me help her paint her living room a dark chocolate brown. I think that was also the last time after dropping a whole tray of paint on the carpet! Don't worry, lots of paint thinner got it out, but we had to be careful to not light a match! She is such an inspiration. I also cannot wait for Brittany to start working on her house! I am sure she will awe us with her talents! My dream is to spend a day with those two to yardsale and thrift! They are so funny and talented together.

After finding inspiration, we needed a creative title for our blog. Reading one morning in Proverbs, I cam across this verse:

As a loving deer and a graceful doe ... and always be enraptured with her love. Proverbs 5:19 NKJV.

After reading this, I knew what the name of our blog would be! We had to look it up, just to make sure. According to, enraptured means:

–verb (used with object),-tured, -tur·ing. to move to rapture; delight beyond measure; To fill with rapture or delight.

Well we are not full of rapture, but with delight! We have been so enraptured with GOD's love. I continually feel HIS love daily. I am also enraptured with Ken's love. He has such great patience, love, and normally goes along with all the projects (and we are definetly enraptured with projects!). Have a great Friday!


  1. Haven, this post was so sweet. Thanks! Sometimes I wonder why I taught at HLMS...probably to meet you! Have a great weekend!! You def have to go thrifting with us when you come 'home.' :)

  2. So sweet! Your house is looking beautiful and you can certainly come with us to yard sales anytime! (and we don't just let anybody come, ha!)


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