Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last year on this date, I experienced many firsts. I ate at Bonefish Grill for the first time. Had my very first taste of Bang Bang Shrimp (I don't even like seafood, but often crave this dish!), and got a proposal that will last a lifetime! It was so much fun to write Ken a note this morning in church (during the special music) asking him what was going through his mind this time last year! I loved watching as a smile came over his face! Bless his heart he later told me that he did not get a lot of sleep the night before. I am sure he had a lot on his mind. He went and talked to my daddy that morning, did a victory dance afterwards (I am so thankful that my sister Alana is always so nosey and enjoys looking out the window), and then of course had to ask me if I will marry him. He knew I would say yes! He had already booked the honeymoon!
Ken had the sweetest proposal - a very live by the moment type. It still makes me smile!After eating at Bonefish, we went back to my house to watch movies. We both had colds so I went to get some tissue from the pantry. When I turned around, he was just looking at me with the biggest smile, I had every seen on his handsome face. When I went over to him, he drew me close and said, "Your heart is beating so fast! Is it because of this?" He pulled a black box out of his pocket, and well, you know the rest! I love my ring!
When he was telling me about his journey at picking out my ring, I got tickled at him when he said he read an article about selecting the right ring. The article suggested you look at the jewelry that your significant other wears - simple or flashy. He knew that sparkly would only do for me!

The next day, my sister, Brook, took some really great engagement pictures of us!

Ken, I enjoyed reminiscing with you today! You are the very best! I love you very much! I hope that we reach our goal of celebrating our 75th anniversary with a Smuckers Shout Out on the Today Show! We will be 103!


  1. I heart Bonefish Grill!!! And I don't even like seafood either.


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