Monday, February 8, 2010

Me Oh My!

After a wonderful weekend visiting with family and friends, Ken and I have a lot to do!

First of all, I really enjoyed visiting Brooke. We met for lunch and had such a good time catching up and talking about blogs that we like! We even got to go thrifting at the nearest Goodwill store, but did really have any luck. Next, I met with Anne as well as some other wonderful ladies! Anne is the hostess with the mostess and had wonderful snacks for us to munch on. We discussed blogs and saving coupons! How funny!

My father cooked delicious steaks for us on Sunday, loaded a truck and trailer full of wall cabinets up for us (a later project), and tried to get me to take all kinds of stuff! Here I was thinking I needed to be thrifting, when little did I know they have all kinds of things stored in the barn! I saw a pie safe, a dresser, two white hobbed-nobbed matching lamps, a chicken crate (would make a cook coffee table) amongst other things that I will get later like a kitchen set that all of us played with at church! Can't wait to redo those when we have children!

When we got home, we said good bye to our kitchen floor! My lovely waterphobic-on-the-floor husband was being the good husband that he is and thawed out some sausage for me two weeks ago. When I came home, I smiled becasue I heard the vacuum cleaner. Little did I know he was not vaccuming floors but water! He turned the water on and went outside. He just felt awful! I felt so bad for him! The floor needed to be replaced any way, so I guess it is time.

We now say hello to this:

I love looking at the "layers" of what people thought was beautiful and wanted to use on the walls! It makes you wonder what on earth was going through their heads!

I cannot wait to get this done, however the pizza we ordered tonight was fabulous! I could get use to this!

Oh and by the way, it snowed so much this morning! I enjoyed watching it from the window at school. Yes, I said school. We did not get out. We watched and hoped. They said that it would be gone by the time we went home. They were right, but I thought they understood that when it snowed, it is a declared holiday in the South to play! Hello!

Tootsie enjoyed it!

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