Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am so blessed! I have married the man that I dreamed about! The funny thing is he has lived less than 2 miles of where I grew up! We also went to school together! We have always known each other but never dated until October of 2008! This is the picture he sent to get my attention! I mean what girl enjoys looking back at her skinny days, and thinking how on earth was I that thin? I told him revenge was sweet! I guess it is, because I married him! (I am on the far right.)Ken is so wonderful! I cannot explain how much I love him! He never ceases to amaze me! He helps me around the house, loves Tootsie, and can build just about anything! I love having a handy husband that likes my ideas and can accomplish them in the house with me just looking on! He is my best friend! This is one of my favorite pictures of him!

I am also blessed with family. My parents are great! They are so young at heart and love to go and find good deals! My father always was entertaining with us! He is so giving and loves us with all of his heart! Anyone that has visited with my family also knows that my father can cook a very mean steak as well as many other delicious meals! My mother is so talented! She made our clothes, taught school, went to school, and took care of everything! She can run circles around me, especially shopping! They taught me everything I know, except for sewing, which my mother tried her best! I am still learning! My sisters are also wonderful! I love being with them, because it is never dull by any means!

I am so blessed to have wonderful in-laws! My mother-in-law is so creative, and we talk a lot about decorating! My father-in-law makes me laugh! They are great! My brother in law is also great! Ken and I enjoy working on projects with him as well as have a good laugh! He always is saying something funny!

I also have some fabulous friends that I would not know what I would do without them! We all met in college and have wonderful memories staying up refurbishing furniture, eating, and just creating memories! We absolutley loved the "W" and often spent time exploring it - in tunnels, old buildings, and fountains. We normally were dressed in black because it was night and we were sneaking around! Good thing were good friends with security and the maintance men! It helps to have friends in high places! We were also in a washband together, student council, and many other activities on campus!

As far as jobs go, I could not have been more blessed! I had a 2 years at a school in Horn Lake, were I learned from fabulous people on how to be a great teacher! 3 years at a school in Southaven, where I learned from talented people how to be a great counselor! Both jobs were so much fun, and I miss them dearly. When I moved to Alabama, I thought it would be very easy to get a job! I was wrong and very worried! I was blessed with a long-term maternity leave for special education which led me to another long-term maternity leave for an elementary school counselor! I will begin my next long-term maternity leave for another school counselor in February until the end of the year! Talk about blessed! GOD told me that He would take care of me! I just had to have faith!

I have had so many experiences in my lifetime and could not be more blessed by GOD with my husband, family, friends, jobs, and of course Tootsie girl! Thank you for loving me even when I did not deserve it!

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