Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!!

I just love snow days! I am probably worse than a school student wanting it to snow! It is so wonderful to know that you have the whole day and possibly the next one to do as you please! It is even better that it is close to the weekend! I got up with Ken this morning to make sure the poor man has a decent breakfast and not a Nutty Buddy bar. That would be his choice if I did not fix a biscuit with turkey sausage and cheese. We also started a roast the morning with carrots and potatoes! It was super yummy at lunch today!My house is clean! I even mopped and vaccum which Ken normally does because I don't really like to do it! What a great husband! Clothes are washing, and Tootsie and I are watching the snow fall! She LOVES the snow! She has been going out about every hour or so to check to see how much is falling! She has also been looking out the window! This will be the second time it has snowed here! Here are some pictures of the snow falling!

Tootsie checking out the snow!

Pictures of our first snow in December 2009!

Snow Cream!!!

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